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Welcome essbase developers

I was just going through the domain availability to get one for me. Thought of getting, but it looks someone has purchased already and it was unavailable. I checked is there any website available and found nothing; so it was purchased by someone to make money by selling it for higher price.

So I checked for and it was available. I grabbed it before anyone buy it and use it for monetry purpose.

What I am going to do?

I had no plans when I purchased this domain, later thought this could help the epm/essbase developers.

I’m offering sub-domain that ends with for all the essbase developers for free of cost.

How does it work?

You built a website or created a blog, where it is hosted in blogger, wordpress, weebly, etc., But it is not hosted in any place, which requires additional time, effort & money.

So, I can help you setting up a page which looks like


What is needed?

You need a website or webpage; that’s all it is needed.

What I am going to do?

I will add a DNS entry in cloudflare account, which will redirect your webpage from https://<your-desired-name> All your links will point to this page.

What about future?

nothing yet. thinking about setting up email address that has <your-desired-name>


drop me an email if you are interested or need more clarificatioions